‘I had a baby’: A mom shares her story of birth, miscarriage, and now birthright

A mom from Ohio shares her harrowing story of giving birth to a baby girl in 2015.

When she learned that she had a miscarriage, she started looking into ways to create a new life for her baby girl.

Now, she’s looking for help with her life after giving birth.

She said, “I had two miscarriages and I lost the baby.

So I thought, what do I do with her?

I thought she’s going to be a burden.”

So, she created a snowman for her daughter.

It was just a snow-man for the baby girl, she said.

Her baby girl wanted to go in and eat the snow and get dressed up for the day.

She wanted to give the snowman as a gift.

So she created her own snowman, and said, I’ll give you a gift that is unique to you.

You can have your own snowflake, a snow sculpture, a little snowflake that you can put on the front of the snow man, and it is something that’s unique to your family, and that is your baby girl’s gift to you.

“So the snowmen were given to her daughter and she had to go out to get the rest of her daughter’s snow sculptures.

She said she went to Walmart, found a small snowman that she could get a little extra for her.

She picked it up and gave it to her baby.

The baby’s birthday is just around the corner, so she is planning on getting the snow sculpture and the baby’s gift, she told WJW.

She is just looking to give her daughter a special gift that she can cherish for years to come, she explained.”

She’s just like, I can’t believe you’re giving me a gift like this, so I’m like, well, I know I’m not going to have a baby, but I can make her feel special for her birthday.

And that’s what I’m trying to do.

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