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ELLE has been in the headlines recently for their hit hit song, The New Love, which has caused controversy after being labelled a ‘sexist anthem’ by many of their fans.

The song has been a major hit on the music scene and has been featured on countless TV shows, with many claiming that it’s an anti-male anthem.

Elle have been the most prominent of the male singers to receive backlash from female fans.

However, the popular music company are not the only ones to be criticised for their controversial song.

One of the more controversial lyrics in the song is the one that says “I want it for my boys, but I don’t need it for myself”.

The lyrics were also criticised for using ‘sex’ and ‘bully’ language.

However in the past year, Elle has also been criticised for having a male-dominated music lineup, which is a topic that the singer himself has spoken out against.

Speaking to Billboard, ElLE frontman James Mercer said the group’s lyrics are not sexist and “have nothing to do with sexism”.

“We’re not going to be bullied or made to feel guilty about using a derogatory word to describe another person,” he told the magazine.

“It’s the same as saying that a woman who smokes pot is going to have to get her weed through the mail.”

The lyrics are part of Elle’s “What Makes You Beautiful” series which features music from the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Beyonce.

Mercer has also criticised female artists who do not get his support, with one of his songs being “Born to Run” and a number of others featuring female singers who have received criticism for their sexualised lyrics.

However Mercer has not given up on his career, and continues to write songs.

He told Billboard that he was still “buzzed” about the lyrics in his latest track, “Born for Love”.

Mercer said: “It is what it is.

It’s a very personal song.

But it was an incredible song and it’s been a big hit. “

I was really nervous about that one.

The singer also admitted that his female fans do not agree with his lyrics, and he said: I understand that some people don’t like the lyrics, but they’re my lyrics. “

So I think that’s part of the thing is that I’m very conscious of the power that a lot of female artists wield.”

The singer also admitted that his female fans do not agree with his lyrics, and he said: I understand that some people don’t like the lyrics, but they’re my lyrics.

“If I could go back and tell you that song, I’d probably do it the same way I do everything else.”

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