Christmas window decorations: How to get them to work

New York City is starting to realize that decorating a window is a lot like decorating your house: a lot of hard work, and some luck.

In the meantime, some New Yorkers are hoping to turn their windows into festive gifts. 

Some are using the window as a way to celebrate the holidays, others are making it a way for friends and family to show off their decorations. 

New York City’s Department of Buildings is putting out a call for creative windows that can decorate and sell for up to $200 each. 

The department says it will help New Yorkers who want to decorate their own home and make a quick and easy money, but also for those who are trying to sell windows or are looking for a way of making a quick buck. 

“It’s a great way to give back,” said Daniel Pritchard, a senior vice president at the department.

“There’s so many things we can do for our community to help with the economy.”

The department’s new holiday window decoration call is open to anyone with an idea for a holiday window that would make a statement.

If you have a window that you want to donate for a display, email the department with photos of the window and your idea, and you can add your own comments.

If the window is for sale, you can make your own bid and get the money back.

The department will also help those who want the window for a family or other special event. 

If you want a window to be used as a holiday centerpiece, you will have to get a government permit and submit a $1,000 bid.

You can also get a window from the city’s public works department. 

Pritchard said if someone gets the window, it will be for display, but the department doesn’t have an official date for when the window will be up for sale.

“The window itself will be removed and the family will get to use it,” Pritborough said.

“That’s not something that we’re asking for right now.”

If you have ideas for a Christmas window decoration, you may want to let the department know at [email protected] or by calling (212) 637-2333.