Why you should keep the lights on in the Christmas season

You might be tempted to turn off the lights, but don’t forget to let your children know how you’re feeling!

The bright red and white lights are the traditional lights of the holiday season, but they also have a more festive side.

A light bulb is just a few inches long and is hung at the bottom of your Christmas tree, giving the appearance of the lights shining down on your loved ones.

But when you want to turn them off, there are a few tricks you can do to keep them on.

If you want the lights to stay on longer, you can use the festive lights as an anchor.

The festive lights can also be used as decorations.

The traditional decorations include a lighted Christmas tree with a tree and Christmas tree ornament, and a snowman and the snowman on Christmas Eve.

These festive decorations are usually placed on the Christmas tree for a few hours before you light it up again.

To keep the Christmas lights on longer in the winter, the holiday decorations can be turned off when the temperature drops below freezing, according to the Holiday Light Show.