What you need to know about Christmas decorations and decorations at Walmart?

Christmas decorations at some Walmart stores have been decorated with colorful lights, glitter, and other festive decorations, according to an NBC News investigation.

In a sign of its commitment to diversity, the company has added two white elephants, a white Christmas tree, and a pink Santa Claus to its Christmas decorations.

But Walmart shoppers are not the only ones who find the decorations offensive.

“I’ve had to put down some things that I consider offensive to myself and others,” said Ashley Kornberg, a 22-year-old college student who has been shopping at Walmart for six months.

“I don’t feel like I should have to.

It’s just offensive.

You don’t need to feel bad about yourself if you can’t afford something like that.”

Kornberg’s mother is also an avid Walmart shopper.

“When I first started shopping at the store, I didn’t like the decorations at all,” she said.

“But I have to say that the Christmas decorations have become my favorite thing to buy.”

Walmart shoppers in Texas have also complained about the decorations, with a Walmart employee telling NBC News that the decorations have led to a negative perception of Walmart shoppers in the state.

The Walmart spokesperson told NBC News: “The Santa Claus is very much in the heart of our holiday season.

It celebrates the season and brings joy to our families, as well as all of our associates and associates around the world.”

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the Santa Claus will be delivered in a box at Walmart in Atlanta on December 26.

“The Santa is a traditional holiday ornament, designed by renowned Christmas decorator, Walt Disney, for a variety of retail locations in the United States, Europe and Asia,” the spokesperson wrote.

“Santa is also part of the Walmart family of products, including Christmas trees, carols, and Christmas decorations.”

The spokesperson said Walmart would be donating proceeds from the sale of the Santa’s Christmas tree to the American Red Cross.

Walmart said in a statement to NBC News on Wednesday that it has a long history of celebrating Christmas.

“Walmart is celebrating the holiday season with a wide range of festive events,” the statement said.

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