You won’t be able to find a room without a wall decor

Mashable article The first time you walk through the door at a large-scale construction site, you may not see anything of your choosing—no wall decor.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it.

The Wall Designers Association of America (WDA) recently surveyed nearly 2,000 construction contractors to find out what wall decor was most requested by their clients.

The survey was conducted by the firm GEO Group, and surveyed contractors’ preferences in the wall decor field, ranging from minimal decor to extravagant wall decor to a full-blown wall art display.

Here are some of the findings: Wall decoration is in the spotlight at major construction projects like the construction of the new Capitol dome, the Capitol Rotunda, the new White House, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

The WDA found that 70 percent of the construction projects it surveyed requested wall decor for their construction, which represents an increase from the 40 percent it reported last year.

The majority of the requests came from the Capitol renovation, where 60 percent of contractors polled said they were looking for wall decoration.

The largest share of the projects, at 77 percent, were for a single-story structure or more than 30 stories, with another 15 percent asking for an entire building.

Only 9 percent of respondents said they requested a full wall, and those projects accounted for only 10 percent of all the projects surveyed.

Of the contractors surveyed, 36 percent said they had a wall design they would like to offer for sale, while just 15 percent said it was a design they already had, or it would be cheaper to have the contractor design the wall themselves.

The Washington Post has the details on what you need to know about wall decor at your next construction project.

Wall decorations are not limited to large-sized structures like stadiums and arenas.

Here is how to decorate your own home, as well as your next home renovation.

Wall decoration in the Capitol construction site The Wada survey also revealed that some contractors asked about wall decoration on smaller projects, but those were not the largest numbers of requests.

Only 14 percent of surveyed contractors said they needed to purchase a wall decoration at a project that would cover less than one-third of the total area of the project, or just less than four stories.

The remaining projects were more spread out, ranging between three and four stories and two stories in size.

Wall decor was requested in the construction field at just under 15 percent of large-size projects, with only 5 percent of larger projects asking for a wall.

“There was definitely an interest in decorating existing structures,” WDA president and CEO Steve Mechel told the Washington Post.

“But, we are finding that people are really interested in the opportunity to do something new, and that includes building larger and larger walls.”

Mecher said that most contractors wanted to decor the interior of a building or a structure.

“In terms of the decorating outside of that structure, they were very interested in that,” he said.

But, “a significant amount” of the larger projects wanted wall decorations to be more elaborate.

For example, one of the largest survey respondents said that their entire home would be the centerpiece of a wall art installation.

Meche said that many contractors wanted a wall that could be painted, and the most requested wall decoration was “a wall of white tulips.”

That would be a wall in a home with a private bathroom or dining room.

“It’s a pretty cool idea, but it’s not the most common option,” Mechere said.

The top wall design in the survey was a two-story, 1,400-square-foot building with a pool and a fountain.

“Most of the time we ask the question, what’s your favorite wall decoration?”

Mechem said.

“We’re always looking for something that is visually stunning.”

For the top wall, contractors wanted something that would look “as beautiful as it looks on paper.”

Wall decorations that don’t look as stunning on paper are generally cheaper, Mechen said.

Wall Decorations in the Senate The Washington Senate was the most popular wall decor option in the study.

It received about one-quarter of the surveyed requests.

It is, in fact, the only building that received more than a third of the survey’s requests.

“The Wall Designing and Artistic Association of the United States is very pleased with the survey results, and is proud to serve our members with the top-quality wall design,” said WDA CEO Steve A. MECHE.

“This survey demonstrates that the walls of the U.S. Capitol are well-loved by our members and that the public wants more than one wall.”

Wall Decoration in the House The House of Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Fla., was also the most sought-after decorator in the Washington area.

About one-fifth of the contractors polled requested a wall for the House, with the majority of requests coming from construction

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