When Christmas is over, what will be left?

Christmas decorations have been popping up across the United States this year.

There were over 20,000 Christmas decorations in stores and online, and over $9.5 million was spent on Christmas decorations nationwide.

It’s an all-time high for decorations, according to the National Retail Federation.

The National Retail Association said the holiday season has been especially busy for holiday decoration.

Christmas decorations in malls and shopping centers will be seen as a symbol of a new era of Christmas and a reminder of the power of tradition.

That’s why it’s important to know the decorating trends that have been trending.

The NRA said Christmas decorations are popular with kids, teens, families, retirees and seniors.

Some stores have even been selling Christmas decorations with stickers, a gift for seniors who are looking for a way to express their appreciation to loved ones.

A couple of the most popular Christmas decorating items are snowman heads and gingerbread houses, which are available at over 100 retailers, the NRA reported.

Christmas decorating is not just for kids.

The NRA estimates the average Christmas tree will be about 5 feet tall and will require about 500 square feet of space for a single tree.

A lot of the decor has been seen in malls, and malls are popular places to shop.

For example, some malls have been featuring Christmas decorations for years.

Some mall stores also sell Christmas sweaters and holiday gifts.

Christmas trees are sold at malls throughout the United State, according the NRL.

Some malls also offer a variety of Christmas gifts and decorations for children.

Christmas decoration is a traditional holiday season tradition that has been around for generations, said Mary Ellen DeSouza, the director of the Center for Urban Design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

DeSouaza said Christmas has become an important part of our lives.

People are coming together and spending money for presents and decorations, DeSomos says.

It was also the time when families were able to be together.

People are coming to spend money for Christmas, so they’re looking forward to the holidays, she said.

DeLucas said the theme of the season is that families should celebrate together and enjoy themselves.

People also come together to enjoy themselves, so she said it’s a great time for families to spend time with friends and family.

DeLucas said there are a lot of people out there who want to see how they can spend money and give something back to their community, but there’s also a lot about being able to spend it with a big smile.

She said she loves having the opportunity to help other people.

De Lucas said she hopes the trend of Christmas decorators, as well as their creative and creative families, continue.

De La Cruz says her children are excited to be able to decorate Christmas.

She says she’s always been a big fan of Christmas, and she is hoping that people can appreciate what it means to decorating Christmas and how it’s meaningful.

DeLa Cruz said she plans to spend Christmas with her family in the near future.

Christmas is an important time in people’s lives, De La Cruz said.

She’s looking forward for Christmas to be over, and to enjoy the rest of the year.

DeRichelia says she and her husband plan to decorat their Christmas tree with Santa Claus.

They plan to give the gifts, and if anyone asks for a photo, she will gladly take a photo.

She said they’re not sure how long Christmas will be in the holiday calendar, but it’s certainly something that they’re excited about.

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