New York Yankees’ Jeter says he was just trying to help in Houston

Jeter’s wife is trying to get the New York Yankee’s Jeter to return to the team in Houston.

Jeter was in Houston this week on the final day of the offseason.

The Yankees have not yet made a decision on Jeter returning to the lineup.

His wife, Stephanie, posted on Instagram on Thursday that she was still trying to figure out where Jeter would be when he got back.

The post reads: I have no idea where Jethro Jeter is.

His whereabouts are still unknown.

I don’t think he’s going to be able to come back because of what he’s gone through, but I know he’s not in Houston anymore.

I think he just wants to go home.

Stephanie, whose husband is also a Yankees fan, added, “Please do not forget that Jeter loves Houston.”

Jeter, who was born in Houston, said earlier this month that he was “thrilled” to return and said he wanted to be in Houston for “the rest of my life.”

Jethrele posted on Twitter last month that she and her husband had a dream of going to Houston, but the idea fell through because the Yankees were not interested.

Jethretrele is still waiting for word from the Yankees about when they might make a decision.