‘This is the best Halloween I’ve ever been to’

‘I think this is the BEST Halloween I have ever been on!’ said the bride of a bride from a wedding in the Chicago area, who was told to leave after receiving a message on Facebook from her ex-husband saying she could not be with her new husband for the ceremony because she had violated the groom’s social media policy.

‘This was an utter betrayal,’ said the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution.

‘I had been to their wedding before and they had all the fun.

They just wanted me gone.

It was horrible.’

The bride, who attended the wedding of her fiancee, told Fox News that she was stunned when she received the message.

‘It was really sad, it was very upsetting,’ she said.

‘He didn’t even look at my social media profile.

He just said, ‘You don’t know how much I miss you.

I miss our relationship.

I love you so much.’

The groom was not aware that the bride was on his social media account, which was deleted soon after the wedding, according to the bride.

‘We did not know that the wedding was taking place, because I was not on social media at the time,’ the bride said.

The groom said he had no idea his account had been taken down.

‘My wife and I were married for two years and we are still in a loving relationship.

We have not had any problems,’ he told Fox.

‘The bride is devastated.’

The man told Fox that the couple had discussed their relationship over the phone but that she would be unable to attend the ceremony.

‘She said that she thought I would be able to go, but I told her that I would not be able,’ he said.

However, the bride added that she had spoken to her husband and they agreed to the arrangement.

‘They did not make me go because I am not on his platform, but they did say that they could get me off his platform and make it easier for me to go,’ the groom said.

In a Facebook post that went viral on Thursday, the groom wrote: ‘My friends and I have decided to celebrate our wedding together.

‘Our wedding is going to be on Friday.

We are excited to get married on the same day.

‘In our heart we know this is not how our marriage is supposed to work.

‘When I left my job, I had been on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and I thought that I could still see people on my wedding day, and that was nice, but that was my personal space and I felt like it was not my place.

‘However, my fiance and I had no plans for this, and my friends told me that it was impossible.

‘But now that we have found out that my fiance is on social networking sites, we have decided that it is my responsibility to find out what is going on and we will go ahead with the wedding.

‘Now that I know this, I am ready to go to the wedding and see my friends and family and celebrate our love.’

The couple said they are ‘very happy’ and plan to celebrate their wedding together, Fox News reported.

‘What I’m really happy about is that I am able to celebrate the wedding together,’ the couple said.

But the bride, whose social media platform was disabled when she was married in 2013, told ABC News that they will be staying in a hotel for the wedding after she was told she could no longer attend.

‘That was a shock,’ she told Fox, adding that she is trying to find a way to get out of the wedding so she can ‘go back to my friends’.

The bride said she is ‘so excited’ to celebrate her wedding and hopes the public can help her find another venue to attend.’

My friends have said that they would be very happy if I could go to a different venue,’ she added.

‘If it wasn’t for the people on social networks, we would never have been able to do it.’