The rustic, rustic home is now a rustic barn. But what happens when you build it in a new way?

The rustics have always had a rusticated feel to their homes, but now, thanks to the resurgence of modern design, it’s now a barn.

In the rustic house, the rusticity is now an attribute of the interior design.

It’s no longer just a facade, but an actual interior design, said Jason Langer, who designed the barn for the house’s owners, J.L. and T.B. Langer.

This rustic feel is really important to the design.

Jason Langerman, architect at the house, told ABC News, “We wanted to create a space that felt like it was in the past.

We wanted to make sure it was very modern, very rustic and very cozy.

I thought, If I can make it that, it’ll have this little bit of the past, it will feel like it’s a little bit closer to the present.”

The Langers decided to go rustic for the barn, and the design came out of that.

They started by creating a wooden frame and built it around a steel structure.

The interior of the barn has the same rustic rustic-ness that you can see on the exterior.

The house is surrounded by a garden that is part of the house.

The home is also connected to the garden through a long, wooden fence that is just an extension of the garden.

Langers says, “When you look at the rustics, you think, What the heck is this?”

It’s just so cozy.

It feels like you’re in the middle of a rustics garden, with a rusticus tree and an antique wood cabinet and everything that’s rustic.

The Langer’s also created a wooden bridge over the river that they’re connecting to the barn.

It connects the barn to the surrounding neighborhood.

The main part of their rustic look was also inspired by the rusticus.

When they decided to put the rustica tree up on the wall of the home, the tree was one of the last things they chose.

Langman says, This was just a tree that we found in the backyard of the Langer farmhouse, and we had this really fun tree that was sitting on top of the rustici tree and we thought, How can we use that to create something that feels like a rustical, rustica thing?

So we went back and looked at old rustics and what they did and we knew that we wanted to do that too.

The rusticus also helped to bring the rustice to life, Langer says.

The tree also makes the barn feel cozy.

The wooden bridge is also a nod to the rustices roots.

The bridge connects the Langers home to the neighboring neighborhood and connects it to the old town.

The design of the exterior is also inspired from the rusticas roots.

L.L., the L.C. and J.B.’s children, helped with the design of all of the pieces, including the rusticism.

They’ve also used the rusticials roots as a guide for the rusticy designs.

It has this little touch of the old, rustics vibe to it, and then the wood, the old oak, the red oak, all that sort of thing, they added a little rustic element, too.

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