Camper decor for the weekend

A Camper Van comes with a range of options for its owner, from the basic camper with a seat, a bed and toilet, to a luxury suite with a kitchenette, a dining room and a full bath.

Here’s a look at the options on offer for the holiday season.

Source The Irish Star article The Van’s biggest asset is the camper itself, which can be fitted with the most modern and efficient appliances and a wide range of extras.

The exterior can be made of leather, metal or wood.

The Van can also have a kitchen with fridge and freezer and a fully equipped toilet.

There is no shortage of accessories to choose from including a range in leather, wood and metal, plus an LED light, a fridge magnet, an LED water heater and a lamp.

There are also solar panels, wind turbines, a solar shower, a shower, heaters and solar-powered lighting.

For the most part, however, the Van can be used as a camping and caravan base or a full-blown home.

If you are looking for something a little more modest, the range of accessories that can be added to a Van includes a shower head, a wood oven and a range to make it your own.