Christmas: Decorating the floor of your room for Christmas

An exhibition entitled Christmas: Dressing the floor for Christmas features over 500 works from around the world.

The exhibition was organized by a small team of local artists from different parts of India.

They came together and came up with an idea to decorate the floor in the style of the Christmas tree.

“The inspiration for decorating the floors of a room is not limited to the festive season.

A room decorating like this is done during the winter months in the winter seasons and this will provide a perfect backdrop for the celebrations in the year,” said Vijay Kumar, a member of the team.

The exhibition was started in April and since then, over 500 artists have come up with different designs.

Each room was decorated with a different motif.

The works are inspired by the theme of the year.

It is a time when people are going through some tough times and the theme is to create some sense of optimism.

“We wanted to decorating Christmas in the traditional way, but with a modern look and a festive atmosphere.

The idea is to decoratively dress the floor to look like a Christmas tree,” said Pratima Ghosh, one of the organisers.

The work is an expression of the different motifs and themes of the decorations.

“Our intention was to create a space that celebrates the spirit of Christmas.

It will also show that the festive seasons can be a time of change and transformation.

We hope that this will create a change of mindset in the people of India,” added Pratma Ghosh.

The decorating works also include works of art such as a portrait of a girl from Bengaluru and a painting by the artist from Gujarat.

The works are designed to be seen from different angles.

The artist, Vishal, who is a resident of Kolkata, came up a design for the room where she wanted to present the family tree.

“My inspiration for this room was to represent the people from different regions.

My mother is from Gujarat and my father is from Bengal,” she said.

The family tree was also designed by Vishal.

In another room, a portrait was done by the Bengaluru artist, Prabhjankar Singh, who was also inspired by a Christmas story.

“The family tree inspired me to create the family and festive decoration for the family.

This room is going to give the people the confidence that they can be festive,” he said.

A Christmas tree is the most decorated decoration in the exhibition.

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