When butterflies fall from the sky, it’s a very special occasion

Posted November 02, 2018 05:36:48I’ve never seen butterflies fall out of the sky before.

But this morning, it happened.

I was standing outside the house of a friend of mine in Melbourne’s inner-west, looking out at the city.

A woman, who I’ll call Ms. O, came over to me and said that she had just had a butterfly fall from a tree. 

The butterfly was flying right into her face, as if it was trying to get her attention. 

What a strange sight!

The woman’s daughter, who lives next door to us, asked her if the butterfly had fallen on her head. 

“It didn’t do anything to my head,” Ms. E said.

“I think she’s just going to go down on me.” 

I had no idea what the butterfly was trying, but the fact that the girl had a question was telling.

I thought, why not?

I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I went to look it up. 

I came across a blog called Butterfly Alley , which was run by a group of students who decided to take on a project.

They’d been asked by a student friend of theirs, who had a piece of cardboard in her yard that she wanted to put flowers on. 

They got a bit creative and started attaching flowers to cardboard.

It went from there. 

When the flowers were placed on the cardboard, they said that if the flowers touched the cardboard they would be able to sense their presence. 

Ms O had a bit of trouble believing that. 

 What happened next was so incredible that it made me go on a bit wild. 

It wasn’t until I was out of breath that I realised what was happening.

I realised that I’d been having a bit too much fun, because the lady had gone down on the other side of the fence, and I’d accidentally brushed the flowers onto the cardboard.

The lady, who’s now going by Ms. J, said that the flowers had fallen onto the fence and were now stuck there.

“She was a bit distressed,” Ms J said.

She said that after the flowers fell on her, she felt a bit like she’d been touched by something and that she didn’t want to be touching it again. 

In the end, the lady was just upset, and was very upset about it.

She said she’d never felt so bad about something. 

While this story might sound like a bit extreme, the butterfly story is actually not unusual.

If you go to the National Butterfly Centre in Melbourne, you can often find a few of these kind of stories going on.

The main reason is because it’s hard to tell a real butterfly from a cardboard box. 

If you’re going to try to get a butterfly to fall, there are a couple of things you need to do: Use a lot of care when you’re handling the butterfly It’s also important to keep the butterfly as small as possible.

If you want it to fall as easily, you need a cardboard container with a hole so that it doesn’t slide across your kitchen counter. 

Don’t try to feed the butterfly too much waterThe biggest danger with a cardboard butterfly is that you’re feeding it too much, which can cause it to become a tad stressed.

To prevent that from happening, it makes sense to feed it a lot. 

To do that, you could make a small tray or a plastic bowl with a lid. 

Place the butterfly in the tray or bowl and fill it with water. 

Put the tray in a warm spot and keep it there for about an hour. 

Once you’ve had a chance to get used to the idea of feeding the butterfly, remove the tray from the tray and take it outside. 

There’s nothing more stressful than trying to hold a butterfly as it’s being held in a tray, but you can try to keep it on a slightly smaller tray or place it in the bowl and put a piece on the tray. 

After a while, the tray will begin to slide off and the butterfly will stop falling, so just get the butterfly back in the container and let it sit there.

You can also put the butterfly into a bowl and place it inside. 

This can help reduce the stress level of the butterfly. 

Just be careful not to let the butterfly touch the food it’s eating, and don’t forget to remove the container before feeding it. 

Do this until the butterfly has fallen asleep.

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