Check out the coolest beach homes in the U.S.

The most popular beach homes are not necessarily the best homes, but they can be very well done if they have a large selection of options, said Mark Sturgess, a professor of architecture at Duke University who specializes in beach homes.

The biggest difference is the amount of customization.

“In the case of condos, the main consideration is price, and the price depends on the size of the house and the area,” he said.

“The main consideration in beach houses is not the size but the quality and the comfort.”

He added, “The more you can customize a house the more it can be personalized.”

Sturgess also points out that many people think of beach homes as being very, very, fancy, but this is usually because the design is based on what’s seen in a lot of modern, upscale homes, and not what’s actually on the beach.

“You’re really talking about the style of the architect who did it and not necessarily how they’re built,” he added.

The most important thing is the space and the quality of the furnishings, Sturges said.

“There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to have your own bedroom, if you want,” he explained.

“I’m not going to buy a home because it’s too fancy.

You just have to decide what you want.”

It’s important to note that the types of homes can vary widely, but the main elements to consider include the size, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

“The bigger the house, the more options you have,” said Sturgs.

“It’s more about getting the space you want and the space that you need.”

Here are some of the top beach homes for 2017.

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