Holiday decor is being left behind after the Christmas season is over

By Karen Ayliffe-O’BrienRead more: Christmas decorations are left behind as festive season ends in QueenslandThe Christmas decorations that are left to rot in our yards, garages and sheds have been left to deteriorate, with one Queensland artist describing it as “shallow” and “disappointing”.

“I think Christmas decorations, when they are made in a really nice house, they are going to look really nice,” Queensland artist and decorator Tracey Mantle said.

“But when you get into a house that’s really, really cold and it’s not a very happy house, and you get those little plastic decorations left out in the cold, it’s really shabby.”

Mantle is one of a number of artists who are calling on Queensland governments to ensure more of the state’s Christmas decorations and the state flag is flown at half mast during the festive season.

“I would love to see more Christmas decorations being flown at the half mast,” she said.”[We] have seen a lot of things in the last few months, so I think it’s important that we do it this year.”

Mooring said there had been a “cascade of complaints” to the Queensland Government about the decorations.

“It is just a shame that the decorations are just not up to scratch,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“We’ve had people saying, ‘It doesn’t look nice’, ‘It’s not Christmas at all’.”

Mantle said it was a difficult situation for the decorator, who was working from home.

“You’re constantly getting calls from people saying they’re not happy with the decorations,” she added.

You’re working in the hot weather, and when you’re not working, you’re getting calls all the time about it being a little bit dingy.””

So it’s hard.

You’re working in the hot weather, and when you’re not working, you’re getting calls all the time about it being a little bit dingy.”

Macele’s work includes the creation of a festive tree for her clients.

“The tree is really, incredibly colourful and it makes a really good base for the rest of the decorations around it,” she explained.

“My clients are so happy with it.

I’ve got to say that they’re so pleased with the decorating on the tree.

I love making things for them, and it is such a great thing.”

The decorator said she was happy with her decorations.

The state’s chief minister, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has announced she will make an announcement on the decorations’ future on Tuesday.

“These are some of our most beloved and beloved decorations, and we are committed to ensuring that we continue to celebrate our special occasion, with all our resources,” Ms Palaswczuk said.

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