How to make baby shower decorations from the boho style

The boho is a style of decor that’s traditionally worn in Japanese homes, and has been adopted by many other cultures, particularly in the US.

Boho style is generally a dark and cool color palette, and is associated with the bougie (pronounced boh-GOH), a style that is usually worn with white clothing and a bow.

I’ve been using the bohoh-goh style in my own home for years, but have recently been inspired to create my own boho-inspired baby shower decor.

This baby shower is made with white fabric and fabric that’s soft and supple, and made up of different shapes and colors.

I love that these baby showers are designed to look more traditional and natural, rather than over-the-top and over-stylish.

As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of the bogue (pronamed booh), and I thought this baby shower would be a good way to represent that style.

The boho baby shower design is simple, yet functional, so it will be an easy, affordable, and fun project to make.

Here’s how to create the bogybog style.