What is the secret of Juventus’ form?

By Angelo GazzariniThe Bianconeri have dominated Serie A with a style that is so difficult to understand that even the most ardent fans are left baffled by it.

Yet for all the attention they have received for winning the league, the club have not lost a game this season.

They have beaten all four opponents and managed to draw five.

Juventus have won three of their last five Serie A games against Juventus.

That has been the longest unbeaten streak in the competition and they are not far off the pace.

It is the second consecutive year that the club has been unbeaten in the league and in the past five matches they have lost all four games.

The most recent was against Inter Milan on Sunday.

The form of the Biancones is down to the team and not to the manager, says Gianluca Di Marzio, who took over from Antonio Conte on January 1.

They have a very, very good squad.

They are very good at the whole game.

They play very well, defend well and attack.

They don’t need a lot of luck.

I am happy for them, for this group.

They always play well and I think this year they have played better than in the previous four or five.

They’ve scored the first goal against Fiorentina and it’s an excellent performance.

It’s a team that’s very special.

I am very happy for the players.

Juve’s defence is solid, Di Marzo said, despite a 3-0 defeat to Inter Milan at the San Siro on Sunday, the team’s first home defeat of the season.

The Biancocelesti have scored 20 goals this season and are in first place with 14 points, behind the leaders Juventus, who are in second place with 13 points.

Juveniggers head coach Stefano Pioli is not surprised by the club’s form, especially given the amount of points they have collected.

They are not playing like the teams that are in the last position.

They were not the best team at Inter Milan.

They won the game, but not the game.

This is a team with a lot to prove and they have a lot more than they need to do.

Di Marzo, who is in his eighth season at the helm of the club, added that it is not easy for players to adapt to the demands of the big game.

They need time.

I think it is good that the team has been working so much.

It is difficult to win when you are in third place and you need time to adapt.

I think it’s good that we have not played as many games as we have.

It helps us to get the confidence back.

The first goal, when we were playing well, was the best of our season, Di Maria said.

It was a good way to start.

We can learn a lot from that and we need to be more consistent.

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