Which gingerbread houses have been converted to beds?

Here’s a list of the most popular gingerbread homes that have been transformed into beds in the UK, from around the country.


The White House in Washington DC. 

 (Photo: Getty Images)The White House was the UK’s largest White House until the 1980s when the White House and Capitol Hill were moved and reopened to the public in 1987. 

The Whitehouse was the home of George W Bush and the president’s first wife Barbara Bush, and the first lady’s eldest daughter, Jackie.

The building is currently owned by the Trump Organization.2.

The Great Hall in Oxfordshire, England. 

(Image: Getty)The Great Hall at Oxfordshire’s Oxfordshire University was once home to a theatre called the House of Music, which was closed for over 40 years due to health and safety issues.

It is currently used by the Oxford University Art Gallery.3.

The Mansion House in Llanelli, Wales. 

This is the house that was converted to a bed last year.

The house is the home to Llanellan’s oldest resident, Llanella, and was the venue for the Queen’s Birthday celebration in 2018.4.

The Palace of Westminster. 

(Photo: Reuters)The Palace of London is a palace in London’s Southwark area and was home to George III from 1854 to 1866, the first Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mary II.

The home has also been the site of a number of weddings and the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding to Prince Philip in 2017.5.

The House of the Rising Sun in Glasgow, Scotland. 

It was originally known as the House in Edinburgh. 

However, after the 1858 Scottish Rebellion, the house was converted into the home for the first time in 1874. 

There is currently a garden in the building, which has been used for a number years.6.

The National Library of Scotland in Glasgow. 

One of the many attractions of the National Library in Glasgow is the Scottish National Library, which houses a library, bookshop, gallery, art gallery and museum.

The building was originally called the National Libraries in Glasgow but has since been known as National Library Glasgow, and it is currently home to the National Archives, the Royal Historical Society, the Scottish History Museum, the National Theatre and the Scottish Film Institute.7.

The Greenhouse, a hotel in Bournemouth, England (Photos: Getty, LSE)The Greenhouse is one of the world’s most famous hotels. 

Located in Bursley, in south London, the Greenhouse has been the venue of several famous festivals including the Strictly Come Dancing Festival, the Notting Hill Carnival, the Edinburgh Festival of Music and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

In 2017, it was named the most fashionable hotel in the world by People magazine.8.

The Royal Court Hotel, in Brighton, England (Photo credit: Getty/Aiden) The Royal Court, also known as The Queen’s Hotel, was the first luxury hotel in England, opened in 1517 and the most famous hotel in Britain.

It was the site for the most important court of England, the Court of Queen Elizabeth I and is still used by many royalty.

The palace was built in 1798 and is the tallest building in England.9.

The Tower of London, in London, England(Photo credit to: Reuters/Hannah McKay)The Tower of the Winds, one of England’s most iconic landmarks, is the largest building in the city, and has been known for its spectacular view of the English Channel and the city skyline.

It has also become one of Britain’s most important tourist attractions, attracting visitors from around Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East.10.

The Grand Hyatt in Sydney, Australia (Credit: Getty )The Grand Hyamts first floor is known as ‘The Garden’, which is now known as “The Garden of Eden”.

It is home to The Royal Ballet Theatre, the Australian National Opera House and The Opera House of Sydney, which were originally built in 1853 and 1857 respectively. 

On the second floor, the hotel has a spa, tennis court and bar, as well as a cinema and a cafe. 

More information on the Grand Hyatts. 


The Old House in Glasgow (Photo Credit: Reuters ) (Getty Images) The Old House was originally the residence of the late Lord Hargreaves, who was the British ambassador to Paris.

The first floor was used by Henry VIII, and by Elizabeth I’s family, and later by the Royal Family.


The Old Palace in Glasgow (Source: BBC News) (Getty) A number of changes were made to the Old Palace, including replacing it with a new building that would house the Royal Society. 

A new library was opened in the 1960s to serve as the home and