How to get a Halloween decoration that will make you smile, says wedding decoration designer

The most popular decorations in the UK, which are seen as some of the best for Halloween, are designed to look festive and unique, but can be equally as intimidating for the uninitiated.

In a recent column for the newspaper The Sunday Times, Mark Thomas, author of The Christmas Carpet, says he has created a Halloween Carpet for his daughter, who is in the fourth year of her education and is currently working in a teaching job in Manchester.

Mr Thomas says his daughter loves to decorate her room, and that is the perfect occasion to create something that will bring the family together.

“For us, Halloween is a really good time to be with our family, and she loves decorating with her friends, so I thought we’d do something with her room,” he says.

“I said I’d create a Halloween decor that she can get into with friends, but the idea of getting people together, getting a car around and having it all look festive is the same.”

We’ve got an incredible family of friends and the idea is to make it a bit of a family event.

“Mr Thomas started by asking his daughter to come up with a design that was fun, creative and would be easy for her to do.”

She had a really clear idea and that was it.

She had her own idea of what a Halloween carpet was and she was really excited about it,” he explains.”

It was a little bit tricky to get her to write down what her ideas were, but I did.

I’d never worked with her before, so it was a lot of fun.

“The designer then asked his daughter how she would get the car around the room.”

Her idea was really to have her sit in the front seat and then go around to the back,” he recalls.”

So we started out by just having her drive it around and she would go around the house and have fun and make friends.

“Mr Lewis says the decor is an opportunity for the couple to get to know one another, but that the whole process can also be an opportunity to get together for a drink, or to play a game of darts.”

The car itself is really the centerpiece of it.

We’ve got the car, the car seats, the door and the door jam, the back seat, the window, the lamp and the lamp holder,” he said.”

When you look at it from the outside, it looks very festive, but there’s a little scary element to it.

“You can’t do a lot with the decoration and the car itself isn’t very practical, but it’s really about getting people to sit around and get together.”

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