The Last Days of the American Dream: What Went Wrong with The Last of Us?

In the latest installment of our weekly series on video game nostalgia, we look at the legacy of The Last Of Us, the first of a series of video games that were critically acclaimed but that were never commercially successful. 

But we are talking about games that didn’t make the big time, which is a very rare thing these days. 

When the first game came out in 1996, the gaming industry was in a weird, post-rock moment.

Games were still being made by companies like EA and Microsoft, and indie developers were still making games.

The first game to get a big marketing push from big publishers like Electronic Arts, Activision, or Nintendo was Final Fantasy. 

Final Fantasy is the best-selling video game of all time, with over 4 million copies sold worldwide, and the franchise is still incredibly popular today. 

However, Final Fantasy is not the only Final Fantasy franchise.

The series has many sequels and spin-offs, and it was popular enough to make a lot of money, and there’s even a movie based on it. 

The games that made a huge splash in the gaming world of the ’90s and early 2000s were also some of the first ones to see a big reboot in the early 2000S, and they all went into development hell. 

In The Last Game of the Millennium, a game based on Final Fantasy, the story is set after the events of the original Final Fantasy in the form of a new, fully voiced, playable version of the game. 

While it was a success, it wasn’t a hit, which led to the development of a sequel. 

Despite this, the series made some big waves, and people were excited about a new Final Fantasy game, and a sequel was announced for the Wii. 

This sequel was Final Fantasy VII, which would go on to become one of the best selling video games of all-time.

In the early 1990s, Nintendo released its Game Boy Advance, and this new console brought a whole new set of games to the market, with some of them being even better than the first two games in the series. 

As the console’s popularity grew, so did the demand for better games for the new hardware, and The Last Final Fantasy came out, the best looking and most powerful console of all the ones released. 

That console had a new controller that had two touchscreens, two buttons, and was a lot more powerful than any of the previous consoles.

It was also the first console to have an internet connection, which was a huge step forward for console gaming. 

And it also launched the Nintendo Entertainment System, which launched in 1995 and was the first digital entertainment system to offer an online play feature. 

All of these things helped The Last Last of the Us, which had already been in development for a decade, become a success. 

What happened to The Last

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