‘Mardi Gras’: Who’s the winner and losers?

WASHINGTON — A parade in New Orleans commemorating the birth of the nation’s first female president has become the latest in a string of major events to overshadow the holiday.

More than 30 million people are expected to descend on the city on Saturday for the annual Mardi Gris Parade, which has been held annually since 1835.

In celebration, the parade organizers are offering discounts on some of the costumes worn by celebrities and other public figures in the past.

Ahead of the parade, NBC News looked at the winners and losers of the past Mardi Guis and what could happen in the future.

First place: The first Mardi BallThe parade is the first one in which the costumes and parades are identical to the one worn by the Queen and other dignitaries during the parade in the 1770s.

There is no royal lineage in the parade.

The parade is run by the City of New Orleans and the parade is free to the public.

It will be the first Mardigras parade in more than a century.

The parade will be held at 9 p.m.

(ET) at the intersection of Broadway and Louisiana Avenue in New York.

Last place: Women of the worldCelebrating the centennial of the birth and inauguration of the first female American president, the first black president and the first woman to serve in the United States Senate, the Mardi Gula is an annual parade of the famous French Riviera in France.

This year’s event is also the first time that the women of the United Nations have joined the parade to mark the centenary of the event.

“Women of the World and the world will see a parade that is as important as ever,” said Julie Sturgis, executive director of the UN Women.

“The women who are marching and the women who will be participating in the events that take place at the parade will make this a very special event.”

First in line to take part in the Mardíga: Lady GagaThe singer, actress and songwriter has been a regular fixture at the annual parade for more than 20 years, but she was not among the first to wear the traditional French costume.

She chose to wear a black cap, white veil and white veil in a red bowtie to symbolize the color red in honor of the Māori people.

Lady Gaga has been on top of the charts with her hit single “Born This Way” and other pop songs in recent years, and she is scheduled to perform at the next Mardi.

She and her band, The Killers, are scheduled to make their annual Mardi Gula appearance in New Jersey on Saturday, but they have not been invited to the parade this year.

Next in line: Beyoncé Beyoncé, who was crowned America’s Next Top Model, is scheduled for the M.G.B.C. parade in Los Angeles on Jan. 1.

Other celebrities and entertainment figures are also scheduled to participate, including actor Jamie Foxx and former President Bill Clinton.

Finally, the city will host a party for Mardi Graffito, a celebration of French heritage and tradition.

It will be hosted by the French Consulate in New London and will include performances by the National Ballet of Canada, a performance by the Chateau Marmont of New York City, a tribute by the Dancers of the Round Table and more.

The next Mardia will be Jan. 8, 2019, at the National Cathedral in Washington.

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