Why I’m not putting up my Christmas tree

You know the one: a tree in the middle of a backyard.

It’s the one that makes people stop and stare, the one they feel compelled to share with their loved ones and family.

You know what I don’t like about that?

The tree in that situation?

The trees in those situations that are standing in the center of the backyard, looking out at people, wondering, “What the hell are these people doing?”

You know, that tree has been sitting there, and it looks like it’s been sitting in the backyard for a long time, and you’re standing there thinking, “I hope they don’t take my tree down.”

That’s the moment that a lot of people forget about the Christmas tree.

They don’t think about it in terms of what it’s actually doing for you.

But in the case of a tree that you see in a backyard, it’s the only tree you can’t get rid of.