How to make your own Disney Princess dress

Posted February 11, 2019 09:29:25 Disney Princess dresses are the perfect way to dress up your child for a night out, or when the weather is right.

If you’re looking to spice things up and get a little bit more creative, here are our top tips for making your own.


Make a princess dress from scratch Whether you’re going for a princess theme, or just looking for something that is pretty, we’ve put together this list of Disney Princess gowns that you can use to make the most of your princess dreams.


Buy a princess print or pattern and make a copy of it We’ve covered this in our guide to the Disney Princess print and pattern, but if you’re feeling a little creative and want to make a princess gown, you can buy one online from a local print shop.


Make your own princess costume from scratch.

The easiest way to get started is to make one from scratch, but that won’t be as functional as a dress, as you’ll need to sew it together.

Here’s how: 1.

Take the dress you’re thinking of and cut it to size 2.

Cut the top and bottom sections of the dress, and sew them together, to create a corset 3.

Then sew the waistband and neckline together, and the sleeves, to form a skirt 4.

Sew the sleeves up and back, to complete the dress 5.

Take a photo of your finished dress, then place it on your dresser or dresser stand and decorate with a print of your choice, as long as it’s a Disney princess dress.


Dress up as your favorite princess by putting on the Disney princess makeup.

Here are some tips for dressing up as princesses: 1, Use a cute pink hairbrush to highlight your cheeks, nose and mouth 2, Put on a princess make-up, and go for the most realistic look possible.

You can even make the make-ups for your kids, if they have their own make- up kit 3, Have a costume party!

If you have a princess costume party, take a photo with your kids to make them jealous, and use the photos to decorate your dress, including the neckline and the necktie 4, Put some princess sparkle on your make–up.

It’ll look like you’re having a real party, and your kids will love you for it!

5, If you want to wear a princess skirt, try one that has a flower pattern or patterned fabric on it.

This way, the princess can have her own little outfit in the background, and it will look different to everyone else.


Find a princess who is really into princesses and dress up as her as much as you can.

It might be easier if you have some other princess in your life.


Dress a princess in a princess mask and a dress.

Here is an easy trick to make it look like the princess is playing with you.

First, take the princess dress, put it on top of the other princess dress and sew it all together, using your finger tips.

Then, put a princess makeup on the other one, as well.


Dress as your little princess and go to the movies.

Make sure your costume is on, and have a costume contest going.

Your costume will look like a princess party, as everyone will want to go with you, and everyone will have a chance to dress as their favorite princess.


Take your own photo of yourself, then take a picture of your dress and your photo of the others.

Put them together and decorating it with your own photos, as needed.


Dress in your favorite costume.

If your child has an amazing talent for drawing, make them make a paper doll of their favorite character and paint them with your favorite makeup, and they will have an amazing chance to draw and paint.


Make costumes for other kids.

If there’s a princess nearby, they might want to do some make-your-own costumes, and decorators can make costumes for kids of all ages.


Make the perfect Disney princess outfit for your own child.

Whether you’re making a costume for yourself, or a little kid, you’ll have a fun party that will get your kids excited.