How to decorate a white farmhouse

With a white roof and a single white fence, a white home in Queensland could be decorated with some pretty stunning decorating skills.

The Victorian-themed farmhouse is set on a plot of land on a rural site on the outskirts of Darwin, where there are no residential developments and there are few people.

There’s just one white fence between the property and the main road, and it’s a simple task to paint a few colours and embellish it with a few decorations.

The first step is to build a simple white fence.

“We did this by laying a couple of wooden boards with white lines across them,” Ms Macquarie said.

“You can then make the white line wider by putting strips of white paint across the board.”

Ms Macqueria used a drywaller to build the white fence with strips of painted black.

“There are some boards that are just flat and then there are some that are slightly angled, but those are really important to get the most of,” she said.

The next step is cutting up the white boards to make them smaller and smaller.

“Then we used a couple sheets of cardboard to paint the black line,” she added.

“Once you’ve done that, you just cut up the cardboard pieces and then you’re finished.”

Once the white board is made, Ms MacQuarie took some photographs of it, and painted a few white lines around it with paint.

“After that you can take a couple more photographs of that and then we put a coat of white on top of it,” she explained.

“I love to paint on the white, I love to create a white finish on everything,” she laughed.

“It’s so much fun.”

With the white roof, the white and the fence, it looks like the house is ready to decoratively go up.

“If you put a white fence in front of it you can’t get away from it, it’s just there,” Ms McQuarie said, “so it’s the best way to do it.”

The last step to decorating the white farm house is to put a curtain over it.

“And the final step is the curtains, you can put a small curtain over that and the curtains come in through the back,” Ms Mclaughlin said.

“It’s a really simple project.”

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