How to choose the perfect gift for a modern wedding

If you’re looking for the perfect modern wedding gift, it might be time to start your shopping online.

A new survey from Australian retailer Zazzle has revealed that some people are increasingly going online to buy wedding-themed gifts online.

While many are opting for items like tchotchkes, vintage items and vintage prints, there are some that are looking for something more.

The survey asked Australians to pick out three items that they wanted to buy online.

The results were pretty surprising to some, with many opting for a piece of art that would look good on their wall.

Some of the items on the list included items from the US, Canada and Germany.

The biggest winners were items like vintage photos, paintings and books, which came in at the top of the poll.

A survey of more than 15,000 people found that people were buying items like artwork, vintage clothes, vintage posters and vintage paintings.

The majority of people who had bought something online were planning to spend the money on something more than the simple gift they wanted.

“I’m going to buy a wine cellar, I’m going the same way with my wedding gifts,” one woman told Zazzles.

Zazzles said the results of the survey showed that people wanted to spend their money on the right things, and that they could make money from the purchase.

“It’s all about having the right amount of time, the right budget, the time of year,” the retailer said.

“I think people really like to have something special.”

Zazzle will be hosting a competition in the next few weeks to decide the best items from a range of different countries.

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