How to decorate your 21st birthday window with a little help from a DIY artist

A year on from his 21st wedding anniversary, Nicki Minaj has made an incredible collection of bright Christmas decorations for her 21st year.

The rapper’s colourful and eclectic collection includes bright holiday decorations for windows and doors, and a stunningly bright window decoration featuring a rose.

The rose is decorated with a bright orange flower, while the other two windows feature a golden rose and a colourful tree.

Check out more details from the rapper below:Nicki Minj with her bright Christmas decor from Instagram Nicki has taken her stunning collection of Christmas decorations and made them into a series of videos.

Each video features Minaj decorating her own window with bright Christmas lights, and the latest in decorating the home of her father’s favorite movie The Heat.

Check out more photos from Nicki’s latest videos below: “Christmas lights are the best way to celebrate a birthday and celebrate a new year”Nicki explains in the video how she has been creating the festive lights and the Christmas trees for her birthday celebrations: I love making the candles, I love making all the decorations, I really like the colours, I have a great relationship with all the lighting and I really love doing the holiday party.

I love all the holidays that come up, I’m excited for everyone to come, and I’m really excited to celebrate with you all!

So this is my way of saying, I’d like to say a big thanks to my mom for making all of these wonderful lights for me and my dad and my whole family.

I’m so excited, I can’t even imagine it, just looking at them all and seeing my mom, my dad, my mom’s face on the back of each one of them.

It’s so wonderful, so lovely. 

Nicki and her father, Michael Minj, during a holiday party at their home in Brooklyn, New York, last yearThe most eye-catching Christmas decorations from the singer’s videos have been the ones that feature bright holiday lights and red holiday decorations, including a beautiful tree decorated with an array of holiday lights, including the red rose.

Nicki’s videos also feature a number of festive decorations, such as a colourful Christmas tree, a bright yellow Christmas tree with a rose, and more. 

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